Our Story

A personal need to de-stress, an underlying yearning to be the child that one always was or just an unadulterated love for the outdoors got “not so normal us” together. We chatted and chatted some more… time passed by..we got fatter, ensconced in the security of our corporate jobs or established businesses; but the restlessness remained! Then one day, we chucked it all and did what we always wanted i.e. to be in communion with nature and share pleasures with both, the initiated and the uninitiated. We saw an extremely likeable proposition and decided to set up sustainable facilities / campsites that allow “tribes”, groups and family units to connect with nature, unwind, bond as humans and appreciate the outdoors. (Ownership of some lovely properties did help!) Our dream (now a reality) is to create a network of Campsites throughout the Sahyadris and the adjoining Konkan coast in Maharashtra.

Our Team

Vivek Desai - The Prince

Natventure is the dream that Vivek saw and envisioned. Well informed, well connected and well read, Vivek is a man constantly on move. He specializes in fixing things and getting people & resources together.

Jeevan Desai - Pits

is the mother hen…the perfectionist in the team…we suspect OCD….but then, she gets things right the first time and every time! We leave the creatives to her.

Ravee Jaiswal - Paps

as we call him is the wit of the team. With a microscopic eye on reading people, to accounting, to purchases, Ravee is our Man Friday without whom we feel lost.

Mandar Mandke - Mandy Boy

is the baby of the team… a hardcore leisure/ whacky travel professional who gives us industry gyan, so that we smoothen the rough edges.

Madhu Moulree - live wire

Madhu is the most experienced of the lot, routine makes her claustrophobic. She is great at networking with people and bringing in the crowds too.  She whips the rest of us to get things going and gives us the occasional reality check.

Sunita Thakur - Tai

as we lovingly call her (might also be a little fear and respect attached to it) is the one who keeps a keen eye on us and ensures we do not go overboard!!