Our Programs


Our programs are tailor-made to suit the requirements of our guests in the best possible way. We, therefore spend some time chatting with the group coordinator to understand the group dynamics and the requirements of the group in minute details. We can then include suitable activities (Adventure / Survival / Life Skills / Team Building / Nature based / CSR) and schedule the program accordingly to meet the stated and unstated requirements of each group. 

Natventure draws upon the specialised expertise of it’s associates in fields such as nature & wildlfe, outbound NLP, entertainment, etc. as and when the programs demand for it. Our associates can address, in depth, any training objective for a kids’ camp or a corporate outbound offsite. The adventure instructors are certified in the adventure field and trained in first aid..


Corporate Groups

We at Natventure are against all kinds of regimentation and believe in experiential learning rather than training. This belief in experiential learning is aptly conveyed in the word of the great master Confucious and often quoted by our Head Learning;

“Tell me and I will forget…Show me and I may remember….Involve me and I will understand”

Our Outbound Learning Experience is preceded by our attempt at understanding the client requirements, nature of the organisation, nature of it’s operation(s), the requirement of selected employee group and the group dynamics. Irrespective to this for all experiential learning we strongly recommend that all superiors and subordinates in the group cast aside their manager/boss and employee hats and participate in the event as an unfettered child. All participants must remember that skies do not fall in their temporary absence from the work arena.

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Adventure / Leisure Getaways with Friends and Family

Remember how as school going children, we met our entire family probably at Grandma’s house where all the cousins played together in the mud, on the swings, climbing trees, going for long walks having meals together, chit-chatting till it got dark and mom shooed us to bed??? Then we grew up and got engulfed in our college life & our jobs. And now we all have at least 5 different groups of people we have to spend time with… long lost reunited school group, college group, MBA group, work group, our child’s school group and multiple family groups!! We are connected with all these groups constantly through social media and whatsapp but don’t we still wish we were in school and could go back to playing with all cousins, have meals together and listen to Grandma’s stories while playing cards??

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Kids’ Camps

For any school program or summer camps, the possibilities are endless between the life skill activities, environmental based activities, adventure based activities, Creativity through Warli Art / Basket Weaving, Rural life exposure / Know your roots, Community Services, CAS curriculum and Trek to the nearby places of historical importance or interest.

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CSR Activity

Natventure sincerely believes in giving back to the community in which we have set up shop. We have conducted various CSR activities some ourselves and some with our highly esteemed partners who help us support our community and also share our values of instilling work experience and social service through the groups they bring in. No matter how much we do, it’ll still be a small drop in the ocean in our rural neighborhoods. We encourage all our groups to participate in our social initiatives like Health camps, Helping out the schools in our area, Maintaining temples, Cleanliness drives, Waste recycling and Water harvesting.

Pit-stop On the Go

If you are on the go biking or cycling across the Sahyadris and want to take a quick stopover we have designed a special package where we provide you basic facilities like a tent and washroom along with a place and assistance to cook your own food should you choose to do so yourself. Be a champion outdoors wanderer and enjoy majestic views as you wake up fresh to take on your journey again!!

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