Waterfall Rappelling (Natventure Holidays – Camp Panchgani)

Your heart screams as you start the descend, you feel the adrenaline pumping down your veins.
The continuous rush of water fights against your body. You feel the extreme force and the roaring sound of the waterfall. You will hear your friends and colleagues shouting and cheering you all the way down. You will suddenly go blank and all you know is to get down. As you reach down, you just won’t resist the urge of shouting! You just had one of the best experiences of your lifetime!’

Now that’s waterfall rappelling for you!
If you’re an adrenaline junkie looking for your next adventure, then this monsoon Waterfall Rappelling at Natventure Holidays – Camp Panchgani is the place to go. Waterfall rappelling is an adventure activity where you descend down a huge rock patch along with the cascading waterfall. You do this with the help of a rope. You are made to wear a harness, and a belay is attached that assures your safety. This latest experience has been discovered at Bhilar Village near Panchgani. Come feel the thrill as you climb down a hundred foot slope, through a waterfall. We bet this will get your heart pumping, as you scale a slippery wall.

Experience the most thrilling activity of Waterfall Rappelling right at our campsite in Panchgani throughout this marvellous monsoon season. Contact us for our exciting Day and Overnight packages.

The monsoons cover Maharashtra not only with water but also with incredible beauty and adventure. It’s the time of the year when hoards of people flock to the Sahyadris to experience nature in its complete glory. However, with extreme unpredictability of rains in recent times, it has become exceedingly important to exercise caution and take every possible precaution for the safety and security of you and fellow adventure enthusiasts. Whether it is an easy trek with some friends or a more serious adventure activity, make sure you have taken all the precautions necessary for your safety.

Waterfall Rappelling is one such extremely adventurous activity that is conducted all across the Sahyadris. Make sure the group / company that’s conducting this activity for you is qualified / certified and has permission to conduct the activity. You can also observe whether the group is taking necessary safety precautions before doing the activity. We at Natventure are blessed to have a 75 ft waterfall right at our Campsite in Panchgani.

We maintain highest levels of safety during this activity yet making this activity as thrilling as possible for our discerning adventure enthusiasts. All our equipment is constantly checked and audit records are carefully maintained. Our certified instructors first secure the site and setup anchors for rappelling ropes and safety ropes after they have secured themselves with a safety harness and anchor.

Waterfall Rappelling is an extremely technical and sometimes overwhelming activity so we spend a lot of time giving the necessary instructions to the participants before conducting the activity. Instructions when followed to the T make for an extremely enjoyable activity. Each participant is given a helmet, gloves and is secured with a safety rope through the harness. The experience is truly fulfilling when we overcome the fear of heights and gushing water overhead. It can be a day activity or a part of an overnight camping package. We invite you to come experience the most thrilling activity of the season with us at our Camp Chesson, Panchgani.